fredag den 6. januar 2012

The Andy Warhol & Basquiat exhebition

To see the exhebition with Andy Warhol and Jean-Michael Basquiat was an experience! end of story.. okay I go on. Usually I use at least two - three hours on a museum. I like to take a walk through, look around, get an overview and then I take a new walkthrough, which is much longer because I begin to REally look at the paintings, sculptures, whatever and usually I dont start from the beginning, but from the first I ´point out´. This exhebition was on Arken in Copenhagen.
And they where all there - the soup-can, the golden Monroe, the Photographs, and of course the paintings that those two painted together. Also a lot of paintings I didnt know existed. I got a lot wiser that evening, and I didnt want to leave it. I wanted to get real close to the paintings to see where the small bumps was dryed - then I could imagine that this painting had been on the factory in the sixties long before my time and now I was facing it - it was just me and this myth.  

If you should be interested, the exhebition is there until 11. January - so there is still a little time to run at.

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